Commercial LED Applications

boardroom led downlight installation

LED lights are very well suited to commercial lighting in offices, shops, showrooms, schools etc. Besides the cost savings that LED lighting brings from lower energy consumption, the quality of light is higher. LED lights emit no ultraviolet radiation nor infrared light and are cooler than the traditional incandescents and fluorescents that are currently used. Cooler lights = less airconditioning = even less electricity consumption.

With their long lifespans, you will also not need to replace them anywhere near as frequently as you replace your current lights. In a typical office situation, they will last well over 5-7 years. The cost saving in bulbs and tubes and the labour involved in constantly changing them will add to the electricity savings you'll be making.

Our services include assessing your business premises to identify the LED replacement plan most appropriate to your situation. We then work with you on the replacement schedule and a payment protocol. We also offer to completely manage your commercial lighting - that means that no matter what, we are responsible for ensuring you have lights 24/7.

Suggested Office Products

LED tube installation in a commercial office Fluorescent tubes are found in most offices. They are more economical than incandescent bulbs and can illuminate wider areas. However, they are high maintenance items with ballasts that need replacement; tubes that may only last 5000 hours and electricity consumption that can range from 40 to 60W per tube. Furthermore, they flicker. This may not be immediately noticeable but if you look carefully, you can see it.

LED tube lights have none of these disadvantages. They can last for 50000 hours, do not use a ballast and do not flicker. Better still, energy consumption can be anything from 15 to 22 W to replace the exact light levels provided by the fluorescents. We offer a range of led replacement tubes for 600mm, 1200mm and 1500mm fittings.

These tubes do not need any changes to the light fitting - and we also offer a service to fit these tubes into your existing fittings