Residential LED Applications

led lights such as down lights and spotlights are widely used in residential livingrooms

LED lights are very well suited to residential use - from soft led down lights and led strip lighting through to led spotlights and garden led floodlights. Besides the cost savings that LED lighting brings from lower energy consumption, the quality of light is higher. LED lights emit no ultraviolet light nor infrared light and are cooler than the incandescents and fluorescents that are currently used.

With their long lifespans, you will also not need to replace them anywhere near as frequently as you replace your current lights. In a typical residential situation, they will last well over 10 years. The cost saving in bulbs, tubes and electricity is further enhanced by the fact that you'll spend less time on a ladder changing your downlights!

We'll help you to identify the best LED alternatives for your home.

Residential Suggestions

Replace all 40W to 60W 60W incandescent bulbs are found in most homes. However, around 90% of the electricity used by an incandescent globe is converted to heat and not light. So you pay a large part of your electricity bill for heating and not lighting!

LED replacement bulbs have none of these disadvantages. Not only do they last longer, but they convert 90% of the electricity to light and they only use one tenth of the electricity. The colour of LED lighting matches that of incandescent lights too. So you get the same effect with globes that last longer and are less expensive to operate.