Nationstar - Our dedicated supplier

LED Lighting Solutions are proud to have been selected as Nationstar's distributor in South Africa.

Nationstar is one of the top three LED lighting manufacturers in China. It is listed on the Shenzen stock market - the sign of a company that is well established and of a significant size. Indeed, with 40 years of lighting experience, 4 well equipped factories, a dedicated team of research and test engineers and over 1000 staff, it is a major supplier of quality LED lights. These include, bulbs, spotlights, high bay lights, flood lights, panel lights, street lights and tube lights. Certifications include the prized "UL" certification and all products are CE and RoHS certified. Nationstar exports to the USA, Europe, South America, Asia and now South Africa.

Just as well, because South Africa has been swamped by poor quality LED lights in recent months - many of these are manufactured by start up companies in the hope of jumping on the LED lighting bandwagon - they are not tested for important parameters such as lumen depreciation, electronic stability and lumen outputs are low. They will not perform as you expect. So make a good choice by selecting Nationstar products. If you are in any doubt, take note of their industry leading 3 year warranty on all products.